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The Asia Pacific’s first and most established oil & gas magazine covering exploration, drilling, production and pipeline activity since 1974.

The Asia Pacific’s only hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) magazine covering refining, petrochemicals and gas processing since 1990.

Exclusively covering pipelines in Asia including key decision-makers and purchasers in the pipeline industry across Asia.

PetroMin @ MediaBuz Pte Ltd

MediaBuz Pte Ltd publishes oil and gas magazines for oil and gas, and petrochemical processing industries. Its magazines cover information on exploration, drilling, production, and pipeline activities. The company offers PetroMin Pipeliner, a quarterly magazine that covers information on pipelines, construction, contracts, technology, government, companies, and conferences in Asia. It also offers Hydrocarbon Asia, a hydrocarbon processing industry magazine that covers information on refining, petrochemicals, and gas processing in the Asia/Pacific and the Middle East, as well as oil and gas business directories, and petroleum wall maps. In addition,

MediaBuz Pte Ltd organizes technology conferences, Workshops, and Exhibitions Locally and Internationally as well as supports publications for various upstream and downstream conferences and exhibitions in Singapore and internationally.

MediaBuz Pte Ltd formerly known as AP Energy Business Publications Pte Ltd was founded in 1974 and is based in Singapore.

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