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PetroMin Pipeliner July-Sept 2016


China Aims for Growth

The pipeline industry in China is expected to generate $12.9 billion in 2016, with annualized revenue growth of 9.2% over the past five years. Profit has been high but decreasing and is estimated at 14.6% of revenue in 2016. Large-scale construction of pipelines in China began in the 1970s with the development of the country’s oil and gas sector. Currently, oil and gas transported through pipelines accounts for over 90.0% of total pipeline transportation volume.

Consider the Improbable – Prevent Catastrophic Incidents and Save Lives

Process safety is a critical component of downstream operations. In this article Louisa A. Nara, Technical Director Center for Chemical Process Safety, provides some views on how the industry might be overlooking some areas which may turn out to be critical.

Managing Process Safety

Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al Hashmi gives his views on how process safety should be managed, and how it can be developed.

Ahoy DLV 2000!

The DLV 2000’s combination of S-lay, heavy lift, large deck space and accommodation coupled with efficient transit speed provides McDermott with a versatile asset that can effectively execute projects in all major oil and gas basins around the globe. PetroMin Pipeliner had the opportunity to get some insight from the vessel construction’s Project Manager John MacPherson.

Reliability: Implementing a Performance Management Culture

Achieving high reliability in any setting – whether upstream or downstream – requires the involvement of a number of different stakeholders. Nevertheless, it is often seen as a part of a broader maintenance initiative, and not as a target in itself. Although understanding equipment and the conditions in which it is operated is important, it is not enough. Reliability management requires a process to be implemented, starting from an evaluation of the critical equipment to problem-solving methodologies, and it requires an evolution in the mindset of managers and teams. In this paper we will discuss how the implementation of a safety and performance management culture, supported by processes and appropriate KPIs, can positively impact reliability and production shortfalls.


Pipelines in the Pipeline


Preventing Corrosion


Uncertainty Estimation in Liquid Hydrocarbon Measurement 

Considering the massive volumes of liquids being processed and transported in the oil and gas industry accuracy in measurement is critical. This article provides some insight into effective measurement .

Composite Technology Consolidates Position

Composite pipeline repairs are used by a wide variety of sectors including aerospace, automotive and the offshore industry mainly because of their versatility and cold application.

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OSEA2016 to Spotlight Strategies for  Optimisation and Sustainability Amid  Changing Market Conditions 

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