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Guideline, Terms and Conditions regarding articles approved for presentation in our publications

When submitting an article for us to consider, the author of the article should comply with our requirement, which warrants that:

  1. The article has not been already presented either online or other publication/s;
  2. He/She is the copyright owner of the work;
  3. Copyright to no part of the work has been transferred to any other person or organization/s:
  4. The work is original and is not copied from other works;
  5. The work does not contain any contradictory or conflicting remarks or interest against other organization/s;
  6. The work does not contain any unauthorized trade-secret disclosures.

Our published/featured articles in our PetroMin, PetroMin Pipeliner, Hydrocarbon Asia, RAMS Asia magazines in print or online remain the property of the publishers – AP Energy Business Publications Private Ltd.

The articles may also include all papers presented by authors and co-authors during our Technology Conference/s, which have been selected and approved by us for publication. All materials published in print or electronic media through us are copyrighted to protect the mutual rights of the authors.

It is to be understood that in submitting the article for publication, contributors are transfering the copyright and attendant privileges to AP Energy Business Publications. Once an article is scheduled to be featured in one of our publications, it is not permitted to be reproduced in any form in any publication/s other than the ones stated above. In other words, direct request from third-party organizations to publish our copyrighted paper in a magazine or journal shall not be granted.

In short, no part of our published/featured articles in print/online, in whole or in part or in any form may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express written consent of the Publishers although, we recognize that the author retains rights to any proprietary material other than copyright, including any rights to patentable subject matter.

Please note that due credit to the contributor will be given at the end of each article that is featured in our magazine. Contributor of article/s will also receive free subscription of the magazine for about an year, if he/she is stationed in Asia. We do state the details of the contributor, such as his/her biodata etc., but we refrain from making available the email address of the contributor to avoid spammers.

The contributor of article is free to establish a hypertext link to our website and relative domains so long as the link does not state or imply any sponsorship of his/her website by the publishers. No individual content of the site/s should be linked to the contributor’s website and this includes published articles, advertisements etc. Without our prior written permission, the contributor of his/her article should not frame any of the content of this website, or incorporate into another website or other service/s any of our intellectual property.

Please be advised that only printed copy/copies of the magazine/s will be made available, and it is the policy of the publishers that no ‘soft copy’ of the post- or pre- printed article/layout will be made available freely in order to avoid misuse of privileges. For those, who need quality reprints of articles or advertisements presented in our magazines, we offer them based on a minimum quantity of 500 copies. For information, please contact: the Editorial Coordinator at

In addition to the circulation of printed copies of our magazines, we also present all the published material/s in print on our websites for free viewing.

* It is to be noted that Opinion/Suggestion/Recommendation in the relevant material/s by the author/contributor is his/her own and it does not reflect the views of the Publishers.

All rights reserved. No part of our published/featured articles in print/online, in whole or in part or in any form may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the express written consent of the Publishers.


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