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Hydrocarbon July/September 2016


Downstream Expansion
Southeast Asia is has a rather extensive refining,gasification and liquefaction capacity and this report highlights the capabilities and infrastructure available in some of the member countries.

PSM in Plants
Lucas Ng Hong Kiang, General Manager of Plant ofPetrochemical Corporation of Singapore (Private) Limited (PCS), took time to share his views on process
safety with Hydrocarbon Asia.

Managing Process Safety
Dr. Waddah S. Ghanem Al Hashmi gives his viewson how process safety should be managed, and howit can be developed.

Consider the Improbable – Prevent Catastrophic Incidentsand Save Lives
Process safety is a critical component of downstream operations. In this article Louisa A. Nara, Technical Director Center for Chemical Process Safety, provides some views on how the industry might be overlooking some areas which may turn out to be critical.

Sandvik – Where Corrosion Is, That’s Where We Usually Are
Hydrocarbon Asia had the opportunity to speak with Magnus Brodin, Regional Sales Manager Asia Pacific, and Eduardo Perea, Sales Manager South East Asia, for Tube Core & Standard at Sandvik Materials Technology. The following are some of the insights they had on the relationship between Sandvik and the oil & gas industry.

The Downstream Grapevine


Towards Plant Instrumentation Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) Asset Management Excellence
Reliability of Plant Instrumentation, in particular, Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) at PP(T)SB {PETRONAS Penapisan (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd}, a refinery situated East Coast of West Malaysia is critical. The challenges encountered here are the ability for the existing SIF instrumentation to meet the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) as calculated and reported in the SIF Study conducted in Year 2008 to 2010 – taking into account the aging plant and inherently non-robust plant design, and with lean maintenance organization with the unfavourable oil prices. Among focus areas is to be innovative in coming up the implementation strategy of the SIF Report Recommendation. Issues encountered by PP(T)SB being a brown field plant is the lack of cables spares to install additional initiators to meet the SIL 2 and SIL 3 required. The allocated CAPEX is also a challenge to implement the 2oo3 initiators/transmitters configuration to meet the SIL 3.

Uncertainty Estimation in Liquid Hydrocarbon Measurement
Considering the massive volumes of liquids being processed and transported in the oil and gas industry accuracy in measurement is critical. This article provides some insight into effective measurement.

Conferences & Exhibitions

OSEA2016 to Spotlight Strategies for Optimisation and Sustainability Amid Changing Market Conditions

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