Hydrocarbon Asia

Hydrocarbon Asia, Jan-March Issue 2017


EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO)
The following is the February 2017 instalment of the monthly forecast provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Japan’s Reforms Cut Capacity
Private Japanese firms dominate the country’s large and competitive downstream sector, as foreign companies have historically faced regulatory restrictions. But over the past several years, these regulations have been eased, which has led to increased competition in the petroleum-refining sector. Chevron, BP, Shell, and BHP Billiton are among the foreign energy companies involved in providing products and services to the Japanese market as well as joint venture (JV) partnerships in many of Japan’s overseas projects.

Strong, Steady and Settled
China is the world’s most populous country with a fast-growing economy that has led it to be the largest energy consumer and producer in the world. Rapidly increasing energy demand, especially for petroleum and other liquids, has made China influential in world energy markets.

Platts China Oil Analytics: China Apparent Oil Demand in December Rose 2.3%

The Downstream Grapevine


Cost Effective Periodic Inspections, Testing and Maintenance for Higher Asset Integrity and Regulatory Compliance for LNG Terminals
Regulatory compliances and the need to have high asset integrity are of paramount importance to the Owners of LNG Plant because of the high risks involved with LNG even though, regular inspections and maintenance is limited due to inaccessibility of most of the cryogenic equipment. This article takes a holistic approach across all major disciplines to include static and rotating equipment, structures, piping, electrical & instrumentation equipment, and corrosion/erosion risks.

Business Centered Maintenance
The business of maintenance in the global company has changed over the past few years and is undergoing a complete metamorphosis in the 21st century. David MacLaren, RAMPS Technical Editor, provides a timeline of the progression.

High Pressure Water Jetting for Tank Cleaning

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