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EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook

The following is the December 2016 installment of the monthly forecast provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Consider the Improbable – Prevent Catastrophic Incidents and Save Lives

Process Safety is a critical component of oil and gas operations. In this article Louisa A. Nara, Technical Director Centre for Chemical Process Safety, provides some views on how the industry might be overlooking some areas, which may turn out to be critical.

Building on Infrastructure

As an integral part of Singapore’s economy, the oil industry currently accounts for 5% of the nation’s GDP. By 2015, Singapore will account for 3.87% of Asia Pacific’s regional oil demand despite having zero natural resources of oil and gas.

Using Technology for Leaner and Smarter Oil & Gas Operations

The current price climate means that operators have to be more efficient to remain in the black. This article by ExxonMobil enumerates some ways in which this goal may be achieved.

Bids & Pieces

Scene & Heard


Digitalization in the Oil and Gas Industry

Smarter use of data is increasingly among the top priorities of today’s oil and gas companies. While the industry has access to a greater volume of data than ever before, it faces challenges accessing its potential, mainly due to data arriving from disparate streams, in dissimilar formats, and at varying speeds and accuracy.

Splash Zones In-Situ Solutions

Risers and platform legs are subject to severe damage due to environmental conditions, which cause corrosion. Composite repairs offer in-situ solutions to combat these issues.

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