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IEA March Oil Market Report

The world is gradually building a different kind of energy system, but cracks are visible in the key pillars of affordability, reliability and sustainability.

EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO)

This report is the March 2019 instalment of the monthly forecast provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

China Boosting Capacity

China is the world’s most populous country with a fast-growing economy that has led it to be the largest energy consumer and producer in the world. Rapidly increasing energy demand, especially for petroleum and other liquid fuels, has made China influential in world energy markets.

Greater flexibility Key to LNG Infrastructure Growth 

A new report published by DNV GL has revealed that the vast majority (85%) of professionals working in the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector believe that more investment is needed in LNG infrastructure to satisfy forecasts for growing global demand after 2025. However, more than two-thirds (69%) stated that uncertainty over prices is limiting spending in the megaprojects needed to feed the world’s growing appetite for LNG.

Government Supports Sector

The Singapore government, especially through the Maritime Port Authority of Singapore, remains in support of the maritime sector, pinning hopes on an industry which has been an anchor for the country’s economy till the recent downturn.

The Downstream Grapevine



Refining Getting Refined…

Intelligent instrument equipment and advanced process control systems (PCS) are being widely used in large-scale refineries. MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), which promote production and management, have also been applied. However, the digital chemical plants have encountered the bottleneck of further improving production efficiency and efficiency and the predicament of intelligent transformation and upgrading.

The Right Technologies for Gas Leak Detection

Sourcing and implementing a suitable gas leak detection system is an important component of plant safety. This paper provides a number of solutions available to plant operators and the capabilities and limitations of the various gas detectors.

Disruptor an Enabler

Today’s fast-moving digital environment is enabling many companies to boost efficiency. However, very few are exploiting digital technology to its full potential. Despite a deluge of digital advancements, upstream oil and gas companies have been slow to seize the opportunity. The prize of going digital is clear, but for most companies, getting there is not easy. A coherent road map could help make sense of the digital muddle and drive more value.

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