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Petromin Hydrocarbon April – June 2018 Issue



From Energy to Chemicals

What does the future hold for chemicals? Which technologies, strategies and policies could enable the sector to developsustainably? What will be the consequent impacts on energy demand?

EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO)

The following is the June 2018 instalment of the monthly forecast provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Government Spearheads Capacity Growth

Indonesia is reorienting energy production from serving primarily export markets to meeting its growing domestic

consumption. Indonesia’s energy industry has faced challenges in recent years from regulatory uncertainty and inadequate


Increased Consumption Curbs Exports

Natural gas production has increased by more than 11% between 2000 and 2013. While Indonesia continues to be a major

exporter of natural gas, domestic consumption growth has increased at a faster pace than production, leaving less natural

gas for exports.

Asia-Pacific Maintenance Builds Up

Maintenance is critical in this region as it faces the prospect of aging assets. Predicted rising demands also dictate that

increases in capacity will be required. This report by S&P Global Platts sheds light on current and scheduled activity in the


Enabling People to Produce Oil and Gas Safely

Knowledge that is critical to safe operations needs capturing for sharing. Formal knowledge risk management is key to

maintaining safety and emerging or skills gaps can be countered by reducing knowledge risk.  A new software app helps to

lessen the risk of knowledge loss.

The Downstream Grapevine 



Infrared Flare Monitoring Solutions

Infrared detection systems have been used in the flare pilot monitoring applications for more than 25 years. The early flare monitoring infrared pyrometers were “off the shelf” industrial temperature measurement pyrometers with limited optical resolution options and minimal environmental protection.

Achieving Higher Asset Integrity and Regulatory Compliance for LNG Terminals

Asset integrity and regulatory compliance, due to the nuances of dealing with LNG, are of utmost importance. This paper outlines a checklist to achieve these.

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