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Petromin Pipeliner April/June 2016


Australia Leads Pacific Network

Australia, rich in hydrocarbons and uranium, was the world’s second-largest coal exporter in 2012 and the third-largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter in 2013.

Maui Pipeline NZ’s Crown Jewel

Although  New  Zealand’s  pipeline  sector  is  not  as  developed  as Australia’s it is the proud host of the nearly 40-year old pipeline.

Through The Looking-Glass: 50 Years in Polymer Repair Market

PetroMin  Pipeliner  had  an  opportunity  to  get  insight  from  Geoff Binks,  who  has  dedicated  50  years  to  a  major  polymer  coating and  composite  manufacturer,  to  ask  him  about  his  experience  in the  industry  and  maintenance  sector.  Geoff  was  born  and  raised in  Harrogate  and  joined  Belzona  in  1965  direct  from  Technical College with a chemistry background. He first worked in R&D on a broad range of products, particularly the Belzona Metals which saw  radical  development  in  1968  with  the  introduction  of  the first  Belzona  Super  Metal  formulation.  In  the  early  1980s,  Geoff joined a newly formed Technical Service Department, the Molecular  Engineering  Department  (MED),  responsible  for  field  visits, inspecting  and  supervising  applications  and  delivering  in-plant training. Mr Binks’ exposure to all aspects of Belzona’s business, ultimately  lead  to  his  position  as  Technical  Service  Coordinator acting as a link between chemists, engineers, sales and marketing.

With his wide ranging knowledge and experience, Geoff provides global  technical  support  to  Belzona  customers,  distributors  and staff.  After  celebrating  50  years  in  Belzona,  we  thought  it  would be a good time to ask this “Belzona Guru” a few questions about his experience and get his account on how the industry changed
over the years.

Testing and First-Time Success Prove Small-Diameter EMAT Tool Has Big Capabilities

The  only  10-inch  electromagnetic  acoustic  transducer  tool  on  the market,  TDW’s  SpirALL®  EMAT  helps  natural  gas  operator  find cracking on pipeline.

SAGE to Alleviate India’s Hunger

Known as the SAGE pipeline (for South Asia Gas Enterprises Ltd., the Indian company leading the project) or the Middle East to India Deepwater Pipeline (MEIDP), the trans-Arabian pipeline would be  one  of  the  longest  and  deepest  oil  or  gas  pipelines  ever  built, running  for  1,400  kilometers  (870  miles)  at  depths  of  more  than two miles underwater. Projected to cost $4.5 billion, the new pipeline would bring 1.1 billion standard cubic feet of gas a day to India, roughly doubling the country’s gas imports and bringing much-needed energy to the country.


Inside Iraq: Stringent Security Required for First Inline Inspection at New Oil Field

T.D. Williamson uses KALIPER® 360 tool and gas magnetic flux leakage technology to prove pipeline integrity and avoid future production disruption.

STATS Group Get Green Light for Mechanical Connectors

STATS’ Connectors provide a mechanical pipe joint for the modification or repair of piping and pipelines throughout the oil, gas and petrochemical industry. These maintenance-free connectors eliminate the need for time consuming, costly and potentially hazardous hot work.

Maintaining Deepwater Pipelines

Maintaining deepwater pipelines has its own particular brand of issues to deal with. Inaccessibility, harsh conditions and water pressure are some of the said issues. This article highlights some technology providers and their solutions to help maintain deep water pipelines.

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