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PetroMin Pipeliner December Issue 2017


EIA Short-Term Energy Outlook (STEO)
The following is the December 2017 instalment of the monthly forecast provided by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Onshore Pipeline Coating System
Despite technological advances, the ideal onshore pipeline coating system does not yet exist. More advanced pipeline coatings offer benefits but are not problem-free. Operators need to choose the right coating for specific conditions. Independent third-party expertise can improve coating selection.

World Energy Markets Observatory
Southeast Asia’s energy markets are demonstrating renewed commitment to create a clean energy landscape for the region in the midst of challenges from rising energy demand and cost pressures. These were the findings from Capgemini’s annual report released today, which for the first time includes a detailed analysis of Southeast Asia’s energy market trends such as for Singapore and Malaysia.

Australia’s Developed Network
Australia, rich in hydrocarbons and uranium resources, was the world’s largest coal exporter in 2015 and the second-largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) exporter in 2015.

New Zealand Content
Although New Zealand’s pipeline sector is not as developed as Australia’s it is the proud host of the nearly 40-year old pipeline.


Technologies for Offshore Pipelines
Maintaining offshore pipelines has its own particular brand of issues to deal with, such as inaccessibility, harsh conditions and water pressure are some of the said issues. This article puts the spotlight on some technology providers and their solutions to help maintain offshore pipelines.

Composite Technology Consolidates Position
Composite pipeline repairs are used by a wide variety of sectors including aerospace, automotive and the offshore industry mainly because of their versatility and cold application.

Broadening the Remit
The evolution of inline inspection tools has continued at an impressive pace since their inception in the early 1970’s. However, the technology is not an end in itself as it needs to deliver to a very specific brief and demonstrate that pipeline systems are safe and fit for purpose. Martin Bluck, Magnetics Product Manager at PII Pipeline Solutions (PII) explains how the intelligent pigs of today have been developed with a broad spectrum of capabilities in order to better serve customers. He goes on to discuss how technology can be leveraged to provide improved confidence to pipeline operators striving for zero pipeline failures.

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