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Petromin Pipeliner January/March 2016


India Building Infrastructure

India was the fourth-largest energy consumer in the world after China, the United States, and Russia in 2011, and despite having notable fossil fuel resources, the country has become increasingly dependent on energy imports.

Local Firms in Southeast Asia Discuss Real Business Challenges

What are the biggest challenges being faced today in the industry? We recently spoke to business leaders of API-certified companies as well as an Oil and Gas Training and Consulting service provider in South East Asia to find out.

Onshore Market to Grow Slightly

This summary of Douglas-Westwood’s World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast 2015-2019 aims to provide an analysis of the pipeline market. The fifth edition of the World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast presents a comprehensive view of the historic market from 2010-2014 and the forecast period from 2015-2019. A detailed database of projects, combined with an involved, bottom-up modelling and forecasting process, result in a unique view of the market in terms of length and value.

Standardization Key Enabler for Safe and Cost-Effective Pipeline Innovation – DNV GL

DNV GL’s 40 years of standardization paves way for cost efficient offshore pipeline systems.


Pumping Efficiency and Safety in Compact Packages

Diaphragm pumps offer accurate, virtually leak-free performance that makes them ideal for use with hazardous or aggressive fluids. They have also been shown to have lower operational costs compared with equivalent plunger pump installations, resulting in a lower total cost of ownership in many applications. From its Bran+Luebbe brand, SPX has developed its well proven diaphragm pump head technology into pumping solutions that offer real advantages in oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical applications.

Emergency In Situ Repair Problems and Surface-Tolerant Solutions

Emergency repairs onsite require fast action and within a limited time frame. Furthermore environmental conditions complicate matters. This article describes how surface-tolerant solutions aid emergency repairs.

Challenging Repairs Completed on Pipelines Using Composite Sleeves

In the last decade the composite sleeve repair of pipelines has been integrated into the ASME. This is testament to the both the advances made in composite technology as well as the efficiency of ocomposite repairs. This article details some of the composite sleeve repairs carried out by Clock Spring Company.

Rehabilitation of Subsea Hydrocarbon Pipelines with The Infield Liner (IFL) System

InField Liner is a flexible Kevlar reinforced liner installed in existing subsea pipelines, once installed the liner then acts as a corrosion barrier, providing protection against aggressive service conditions and extending the use of the pipeline far beyond its original design life. This article outlines the application of this technology by PETRONAS.

Seam Assessment and Regulatory Compliance: Multiple Datasets + EMAT

The following case study covers Integrity Management Plans (IMP), identifying seam defects, inspection technology comparison, comprehensive EMAT solutions and PHMSA approved IMP.

Digital Revolution

This article, an excerpt from Digital Future of oil & gas & energy by GE Oil & Gas, provides an insight into the digitalisation of the oil and gas industry.

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