A Family Affair

There really is no telling what Lazaros Sarris, the founder of Central Ship Management (CSM) would have done if there were no ships in the world! He could have tried his hands doing something else but whatever that may be, it would not have fed into his temperament.

It was in his native Greece, where he found his inspiration for the maritime world with his late grandfather a Master Mariner and his late father, a Chief Engineer and later a Senior Technical Superintendent; both having had been to sea.

Lazaros Sarris is a passionate, and hands-on ship manager. Educated in the UK, he obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Master’s in Business Administration.

As it stands, he is now the founder and CEO of Central Ship Management.

He has been in the shipping industry for more than 40 years and has lived and worked in the Middle East since 1995. Having worked for many years in the region, he has developed high-level relationships within the maritime cluster.

His journey in the maritime world began as a Technical Superintendent and Technical Manager before joining DNV as a Surveyor. With a 21-year career in DNV, it shaped and influenced his work ethic and know-how in all ship related matters. He served as the Country Manager for DNV UAE and then was the CEO of Universal (Overseas) Ship Management Ltd in Singapore.

In 2014, Lazaros founded Central Ship Management Ltd (DMCC BRANCH) in Dubai, providing ship management services to clients globally. The core values that drive his business are integrity, total transparency and care. After recognising the potential of new markets, in 2018, Lazaros expanded in the Far East by opening Central Ship Management Pte Ltd, Singapore. In 2019, Lazaros found a meaningful opportunity to build a presence in Greece, in his homeland.

As a hands-on CEO, he continues to personally involve himself in carrying out pre-purchase inspections and overseeing dry-docking. In addition, he delivers ISM audits, for both internal purposes and for clients that are looking to utilize his extensive knowledge. The experience and exposure he gained through sailing, superintendency and classification has given him the tools to have an all-around understanding of the maritime business.

With offices in Dubai, Singapore, Fujairah and Greece, Central Ship Management was established in 2014. The company is an experienced provider of International Maritime Transportation services, shipping liquid and dry bulk commodities worldwide.

People Are Key

Central’s biggest asset are its people. It prides itself on partnering with manning agencies around the world that provide us with qualified, technically competent and culturally sensitive seafarers for our managed vessels.

The company prioritises in maintaining a caring and transparent relationship with its crew and its retention rates are on average, above 85%.

‘We are able to assess the satisfaction rate of our crew through direct and consistent communication with individual crew members and with our reliable manning partners over the year’, the company declared over its website.  

Central actively provides services from its three main hubs, Singapore, Greece and its headquarters in Dubai, to a number of ship owners located globally.

Central provides services in Superintendency, Supervision of BWTS installation, newbuilding supervisions, Pre-purchase inspections and Shipboard ISM, ISPS and MLC Audit.

Its divine mission has always been to ensure sure that vessels are maintained in an excellent condition, proactively managed and run by competent and experienced seafarers. le wonder China is not stopping at shipbuilding and it is hard to imagine it will anytime soon.