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Singapore Bets Heavily!

Not since the piracy crisis of 2009-2010, has the world been transfixed on eliminating a single menace more urgently and forcefully than the scourge of removing carbon in vessels. Decarbonisation

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When Can We Decarbonise Shipping?

As can be imagined, decarbonisation though sorely needed, cannot happen overnight. All kinds of hurdles are in place from financial commitments to the technological innovations needed to make it come

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Safe Habour, Electrified!

These are indeed exciting times for the vessel designers and harbour craft manufacturers. There is an atmosphere of change that is aligned with an acknowledged need to remain competitive in

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Dorcas Teo

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Responsibility and integrity. These two words are key to Dorcas Teo, executive director, Nordic Group Limited and CEO of Nordic Flow Control. Her bubbly personality and effervescent spirit have helped

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Digitalising Ship Design

Once lagging in technology adoption, today’s marine industry is undergoing a multi-faceted transformation. Increased regulations, ageing assets, and high operational costs have led to challenging market conditions for remaining competitive

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Making The Energy Transition

Sandy Gwee is Principal Consultant (Energy and Smart Cities) at NRI Singapore. She is based in Singapore and reports to Kazauki Ohara, President of NRI Singapore and Head of Consulting.

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volcanic vents

LNG’s Unseen Havoc

Natural and human related incidents in oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) have a profound impact on human activity. Fuels and Power looks at some of the risk factors.

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Indonesia Shipping Refashioned

A sultry lady and a well-known figure in the Indonesian shipping industry and local glitterati circles, Carmelita Hartoto is the epitome and feminine face of modern Indonesian shipping. Goh Tz’en

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stealing a thunder

Stealing a Thunder

For as living memory has remained, Korea has been the place for new building orders. And now Seoul, is not letting up on its international shipbuilding prowess. The nation will

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